Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Little Miss Muffett

We have been spending a lot of time singing nursery rhymes to the boys lately.  It's so interesting to see what parts of the song they pick up. 

For example, we have been working on 'itsy bitsy spider'. There are 3 gestures that go along with the tune.  one is the intricate finger part of the spider crawling up the spout, the second is the torrential downpour that occurs and "knocks the spider out", and the third and final gesture is the sun coming out (hands clasped over your head, and a swaying motion if you feel up to swaying.)

Carter is a "spider crawler". He gets the fingers going on both hands, and kind of puts them together.  He doesn't really have the itsy bitsy part down....more like a hobbly wobbly, but you can tell he's trying to imitate Dad, or whoever else is doing the song.

Gavin on the other hand is an "out came the sun" kinda little boy.  his hands go up to either side of his head when that part comes, and you can tell that maybe he wants to move back and forth like Dad does (the sway part), but isn't quite sure how to do it, and is just happy that he's got the sun part nailed down.

Both boys will immediately go into 'patty cake' when you say the word, but I have yet to show them the 'roll it, stick it, and mark it with a B' parts yet, and Carter is very good at showing you how big he is (soooooo big) when asked.

Looking forward to seeing what they pick up on next!

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