Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Abandoned at Grandma's House

Today marks the 14 month birthday of the twins, and we're planning a HUGE celebration tomorrow!

The first thing we're going to do after their morning nap is drop them off at Grandma and Grandpa's house for their 1st overnight visit.

Mom and Dad? We're escaping! This will be the first time that my wife and I have spent a night alone together without the boys since they were born.  I have to say together for a reason.  Last summer Shannon went back to Colorado for a high school reunion, and she's gone out of town for work a couple of times. Plus, I went to Minneapolis to see family last September.  In the old days (read:pre-babies) we used to travel together quite a bit.  Shannon would fly to one of her sites for work a couple of times per month (San Diego was my favorite) and because of her status with Southwest and her companion pass, I would tag along for the price of tax.

Now Tuesday nights alone at the grocery store is a vacation...lol

Lake Las Vegas (a resort community just outside of Las Vegas) is having their 1st "Beer Walk" of the year.  They do both beer and wine tastings all summer long, and a good portion of the proceeds go to charity. (I guess they call them walks because you walk from one beer or wine stand, to the next.  Maybe they should call them "staggers".) We've done both the beer and wine walks before and learned after the 1st one we attended that it's advisable to get a room out there.  It's a nice little village area right on the lake with a few hotels, several restaurants and some shops. It's actually where I proposed. (Gondola on the lake...but that's another blog post for sure.)

I know that it's supposed to be the mom that spends the entire time wondering if her little ones are O.K., and I know that they are in good hand with their Grandparents, but there's a little piece of me that's going to be wondering what they are up to the entire time we are gone.

Are they eating all of their lunch? Is Gavin trying to escape the safety of the area rug in their living-room (my in-laws floors are all ceramic tile). Is Carter having a whine-fest while Mom and Dad are enjoying a glass of wine ourselves? (see what I did there?...lol). How about bedtime...are they sleeping O.K. in a strange place or has Grandma and Grandpa  even put them to bed when they are supposed to?

It's been a long 14 months. 424 days, minus the time they spent in the NICU, that have been spent with Mom and /or Dad. They have enjoyed time at Shannon's parents house for a few hours at a time so Dad can get some running around done, or when Mom and Dad need a lunch break together on a Saturday, but never overnight. 24 whole hours with mischievous and moody 1 year-olds is enough to drive anyone whose out of practice crazy.  Maybe they will refuse to watch them anymore after this, or worse yet, call and tell us to come pick them up?  

All and all, I know deep in my heart that they will be fine.....I guess my biggest question is...will Dad?

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