Monday, March 3, 2014

Shave and a Haircut...$18.00?

The boys hit another important milestone the other day.It was time for their 1st haircut!

Now, views on how this is to be done vary between the sexes.

I think that a barber is the way to go.  Going to the barber is a rite of passage and something that boys get passed down from one generation to another. You know you are a young man when you get to go to the barber with your father. Climb up in the big swivel barber chair and look at the wall of mirrors while the man in the white apron has his way with your locks.

I'm only guessing here, as I didn't actually have this happen when I was growing up. The closest barber shop to us was probably 35 minutes away and, cost money. My Mother on the other hand was close, she was fairly good with a scissors and clippers, and the cut was free so most of our haircuts growing up were done at home.  I still do mine at home with the clippers now, but i have considerably less hair to deal with than I did growing up.  Then again, I have less hair than both of my boys do as

I don't know where my wife, given the chance, would have taken them but we decided together on a place close by that specializes in cutting kids hair.  I read the reviews on-line, and after sorting thru the amenities (they have car shaped seats, they play kiddie movies on individual TV screens, they have a play area) agreed that they would be granted the authority to give them their 1st trim.

The place was fine, and both boys did outstanding.  Carter has a little cowlick issue in front AND in back, and they showed us how to style / spike it so that these would be fairly hidden. Gavin's cut still needs a little touching up, but given the fact that kids move around and that neither boy cried or was cut, I'll give them a pass on a few missing snips here or there.

Not happy about the fact that you have to take out a 2nd mortgage to afford it ($18.00 per child) but it could always be worse.....and I always have my clippers charged!

Cater sporting his spikes

Gavin and his new do

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